Sea Me Paradise Aviary is a small home based aviary specializing in Lovebirds each bird that we have in our aviary is part of our family. They all have names and different personalities which make them unique. They all have some flying time so they can stretch there wings and get some exercise. They are on a full spectrum lighting for the people that don’t know what it is they provide a clear, brilliant, white light equivalent to natural light. They simulate the exact color of sunlight at noon. They are fed only the best they are fed pellets everyday.  They are also fed fresh fruits & veggies and a high quality seed mix. They only drink filtered water. We do not breed our birds more than two clutches a year.  After the second clutch they are separated into resting flights to vacation for the rest of the season!

Our Babies

All our babies are removed from the nest at 10 days old. They are placed in a brooder were the temperature and the humidity levels are well monitored They are all handfeed by us with Roudybush Handfeeding Formula. We only sell our babies fully weaned, tame and well socialized for human interaction and social play. If you are looking for the sweetest lovebirds to become a part of your family.... you've come to the right place!