A Lovebird love Story



 One morning surfing through the internet under the category of bird for sale, we found a beautiful blue masked. We were told it was a male so we decided to name him Jayjay.


We were looking for a mate for Jayjay when we stumbled upon a black masked lovebird.  I traveled quit a long way to purchase Foxy. We were so glad to finally find a black masked lovebird. Foxy was not very appealing at first, she was missing feathers on her head and she was in a cage with 1 male and another female. The other female had plucked her feathers on her head. That did not stop us from taking her home with us. We did not have a cage to put to put Foxy in so we put them together until we could find them each a mate. I really wanted a couple of blue masked and a couple of black masked. We were not intending to keep them together forever but just until we can find them each a mate.


Our challenge was now to try to find them each a mate after a month of surfing the web for a mate we were loosing hope of finding them mates. In that instant we got lucky. We found a beautiful female blue masked. We named her Jaja. Less than a week after we found a black masked male which we named Fiji. From two birds, we have finally found them a mate each and now I present you the two couples Jayjay and Jaja and Fiji and Foxy.

Jayjay & Jaja

Fiji & Foxy


The two couples did not seem to get along very well Jaja was always very close to Jayjay but JayJay would always go see Foxy. He would fly over to see the girl next door Foxy were he would watch her though the nest window and Foxy would jump in her nest just to get a few minutes with Jayjay.


Meanwhile in the other cage Foxy was being very mean to Fiji she would sit in the food bowl not letting him eat. He would want to get close to her and she would change perch. Foxy did not want to know any thing about Fiji. At that point it seemed as if Foxy and Jaja were having an affair. I tried to remove one perch to get them to sit together but that did not work. Foxy had it one day and bit Fiji’s foot making him bleed. I took Fiji and put him in another cage for a week and after I tried to put them together again. They were still not getting along. In the meanwhile Jajay was still making his daily visits to go see Foxy. At that point I knew I had to do something. This was not working out so I took Fiji to the petshop to get him checked. Well to my surprise Fiji was a female that explained why it was not working out. When I got home I took Jayjay and put him with Foxy and ever since then they are as close as ever. Jayjay treats Foxy like a princess he always feeds her and they share there food bowl and are always sitting close to each other. Jayjay never goes to visit Jaja, his heart is with Foxy They are very happy together.


Not everything has a happy ever after Jaja and Fiji are still looking for there perfect mate but I have hope that they will find there perfect mate soon.    



UpdateFoxy & Jayjay just had there first babies together check out the pictures and video of the babies.